Pharmacy Management System

Apotek PMS facilitate management of pharmacy on a day to day basis by taking care of the pharmacy inventory accurately and efficiently. Apotek PMS is flexible enough to be deployed in small / medium establishments. Read More

Laboratory Information System

Apotek LIS provide scalable laboratory information systems and middle-ware connectivity to lab instruments, automating the entire lab process and providing central point administration. Read More

Health Information System

Apotek HIS is a flexible, affordable and intuitive software solution developed collaboratively with healthcare professionals–including general practitioner, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentist, surgeons. Read More

Electronic Medical Record

Apotek EMR captures and maintains computerized medical records in both primary and acute care hospitals, and provides a single, accurate, longitudinal and holistic view of a patient’s medical history. Read More

Blood Bank Management

Apotek BloodBank is a comprehensive and scalable solution designed to store, process, retrieve and analyze information of the administrative, inventory management and clinical aspects of running a blood bank. Read More

Inventory / Stock Management

Bluelight Inventory is an affordable inventory management solution for small and midsize businesses. Successful, well-organized businesses rely heavily on their inventory management system. Read More

POS / Sale Management

Bluelight POS is an affordable sales management solution for small and midsize businesses. The system keeps track of the purchases, stock, reorder levels, supplies, issues, returns, billing and expiry. Read More


Bluelight Accounting is an integrated business accounting software for small and midsize businesses.  Our accounting software enables you to focus on what really matters. Read More

HR & Payroll Management

Bluelight HRM supports organizations of all sizes, including geographically dispersed, multi-branch organizations. With simple and efficient implementation, maintenance, and upgrades.  Read More

Asset Management

Bluelight Asset uses the latest hardware, software, scanning and communications technology to manage fixed and movable assets. The system provides full detailed trace ability of all of your assets. Read More

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